Software that's made for selling

We provide life insurance illustration software that helps your agents sell more business.

A Sales Tool

The VisCalc Illustration System is a full life insurance illustration software package for both agent and home office use. Our illustration software is geared toward selling life insurance and includes many selling tools to assist agents in the field.

We have spent years developing and perfecting this system to be a powerful sales tool for agents in the field and the folks in the home office. Through many hours of talking with people who have spent years in the business of selling life insurance, we have developed our software to not only display the numbers and illustrations you need, but also helps you make more sales using the tools included with the software.

One of the biggest tools in our software is Visual Calculations. These graphic illustrations are changing the way we sell life insurance and opening up new possibilities in the industry.

Visual Calculations

Because the human brain can often understand a graph or chart much better than a ledger sheet full of numbers, our software includes a system for creating graphic illustrations in additional to a more traditional ledger sheet.

We have created graphical illustrations for most product types, and we are adding more all the time. We use a few different types of visuals to illustrate a product. For example, on a Single Premium Whole Life product, we show the difference between keeping money in the bank and earning a little interest vs. the SPWL product's cash value and life insurance death benefit.

You can see a Single Premium Whole Life product compared to a bank in the example to the right. The red represents the bank growing at 0.5% annually over 20 years, the blue represents SPWL's cash value, the light blue is the cash value with dividends, the green is the death benefit, and the light green is the death benefit with dividends. You can see instantly how powerful this simple illustration is... where would you rather have your money?